VIP EXCLUSIF 是為葡萄酒鑑賞家專設的會所。作為會員,不管您是一名葡萄酒的業餘愛好者,抑或是經驗豐富的品酒專家,在這裏,您可尊享我們針對您的不同需求提供的定制服務。這是因為我們絕大多數的葡萄酒均直接採購自葡萄酒生產商,以及信譽昭著的代理商和酒商。
從享受獨家購物折扣、優先購買期酒到獲邀參加私人酒會和宴會,法式Table D’hôte (台北市),CHIC EXCLUSIF 將助您一一達成。
CHIC EXCLUSIF 創辦的理念正是讓優質葡萄酒變得可望而可及。而且,在您的葡萄酒探索旅程中,您將時常獲得我們全心全意的照料,並尊享我們優質品牌、專業的知識和盡心的服務。

VIP EXCLUSIF is dedicated for wine lovers and connoisseurs. As a member, you can pursue your wine passion, whether you are an amateur or seasoned pro.
Our list of suppliers is carefully selected from– quality wine producers, trusted négociants and wine merchants.
Enjoy exclusive VIP discounts on purchases, Priority access to ‘En Primeur’ wines, Receive invitations to attend Private Tastings Events, Reserve our ‘Table D’hote’ (Taipei City) for Private home-cooking Dinners .
Most importantly, through your journey of Burgundy wine discovery, you will always have our dedicated attention and will enjoy quality wine & food service.

想成為會員VIP Member

您只須單次購滿或於3個月內累積購滿$8,000(含)以上,便會成為”Bourgogne VIP “會員。

To become a “Bourgogne VIP” member all you need to do is spend $8,000 within a 3 months period or in a single purchase .

Grand Cru VIP尊貴會員

成為”Grand Cru VIP”尊貴會員後,您除了可享有”Bourgogne VIP”會員的優惠外,更可享有”Grand Cru VIP”尊貴會員的獨享優惠。只要您於成為”Bourgogne VIP”會員當日起及後6個月內消費滿$200,000或以上,即可升級為”Grand Cru VIP”尊貴會員。

Become a “Grand Cru VIP” member for an even more special and very exclusive rewarding experience.
To become a “Grand Cru VIP” member, you must be an existing “Bourgogne VIP” member who has spent $200,000 or more within a 6 month period.