Domaine Roger Sauvestre

伯恩丘 Cote de Beaune

Corton Les Chaumes Grand Cru 2012

NT$ 3,930

Pinot Noir100% Pinot Noir
酒評 Tasting note :
Bright, deep cardinal red colour. Nice intensity, with very fine red berry and sour cherry aromas, develops on the nose. The fairly firm, robust wine coats the palate on entry, showing very fine tannins, wrapped up in lovely fruit, inside a full body, resulting in a particularly long-lingering finish.

餐酒搭配建議 Food Pairing : 烤羊腿、高級肋眼牛排、日式燒肉 / Roasted lamb leg, Prime ribeye Steak , Yakiniku

  • 酒莊Domaine: Roger Sauvestre
  • 年份Millesime: 2012
  • 葡萄品種: Pinot Noir ( 紅酒)
  • 容量: 750 ml
  • 產地: 法國, 勃根地
  • 法定產區AOC: Corton Les Chaumes Grand Cru
  • 整體風格參考: 細膩優雅 / 圓潤甘美 / 芳醇複雜 / 強勁豐厚
  • 適飲溫度: 16~18度
  • 醒酒時間: 醒酒40分鐘
  • 陳年潛力: 8~15年