Jacoulot Selection

勃根地 Bourgogne

Vin Mousseux Brut Rose Methode Traditionnelle

NT$ 590

酒評 Tasting note :
The sparkling wine expresses mainly fruity aromas, as the most present in the grape from various Gamayand chardonnay. The fresh taste is enhanced by the release of carbon dioxide.

侍酒與飲用 Serving and Drinking
• 皇家基爾(KirRoyal) :黑醋栗香甜酒 勃根地氣泡酒1:3
• KirRoyal : 3cl JacoulotCassis de Dijon Crémant de Bourgogne (Vin MousseuxBrut)

• 調酒: 雞尾酒可搭配氣泡酒 利口酒JACOULOT
• Fruit Liquor Cocktails: 3cl Jacoulot Fruit Liquors (Raspberry, Red fruits, Passion fruit, Peach, Tangerine) Jacoulot Vin Mousseux Brut

  • 酒莊Domaine: Jacoulot
  • 容量: 750 ml
  • 產地: 法國, 勃根地
  • 法定產區AOC: Vin Mousseux Brut
  • 整體風格參考: 清爽易飲
  • 適飲溫度: 6~9度